Destructive Criticism must be rehabilitated
Walter Benjamin

The Editorial Team

WOID XXIII-10a. Schools and Scandals [I].

WOID XXIII-10b. La Médisance à l’école [I].

WOID XXIII-09. Provenance? Darling, that's soo Rhode Island!

WOID XXIII-08. Go down to the Potter's House.

WOID XXIII-07. Worldwide W. E. B.

WOID XXIII-06. From the Old Irish.

WOID XXIII-05a. Noble Simplicity and Quiet Grandeur and Zombies.

WOID XXIII-05b. Be the Maya.

WOID XXIII-04. Pulling a Bari.

XXIII-03. Carpaccio: Rocks.

XXIII-02. Sensitive Content.

XXIII-01. It's the Privilege,Stupid.

XXII-50. Memo: Vestimentary Requirements for Clown Staff during Public Engagements.

XXII-49. Vesti la giubba, Bro'.

XXII-48. Slave-Born Muscovite.

XXII-47.Keep Art History Weird.

XXII-46. The Once and Future Slave.

XXII-45. Outline for a socialist culture.

XXII-44. Violence doesn't come from the Violence Fairy.

XXII-43. Characters count.

XXII-42. Sade / Marat.

XXII-41. OK critic.

XXII-40. Everything's coming up poseurs.

XXII-39. Out-Rage.

XXII-38. White Man's Buren.

XXII-37. Perverts.

XXII-36. Genius of Revolution.

XXII-35. The Thomas Crow Affair.

XXII-34. Ass of an Angel.

XXII-33. American Koan.

XXII-32. Make Artemisia Gentileschi Again.

XXII-31. Free Market with a Human Face.

XXII-30. The Woke's on You.

Guest contributor: Jean-Michel Tobelem. The Worrisome Decision to Increase the Admission Price to the Met Museum.

XXII-29. Wölfflin Jack’s Journal: Baying at the Moon.

XXII-28. The Good, the Bad, and the Signifier.

XXII-27. Jacques Villeglé (1926-2022).

XXII-26. Cynical Lackeys R' Us.

XXII-25. Ms. Felicia and Mme Marthe.

XXII-24. The House of Punished Love.


XXII-22. Or, The Stone Guest.

XXII-21 Exquisite Corpse.

XXII-20. Jacques Louis David. Radical Nudes.

XXII-19. McCarthyisme, ou pogrom ?

XXII-18. Déjà Jew all over again.

XXII-17. The world re-enchanted./O mundo reencantado.

XXII-16. The last time I saw Melvin Van Peebles.

XXII-15. Stanley Aronowitz (1933-2021).

XXII-14. Käthe Leichter. La conscience et la raison.

XXII-13. The Ghosts of Red Vienna.

XXII-12. Doesn't get it.

XXII-11. Où mène la guerre des idées.

XXII-10. The Best Defense (Käthe Leichter).

XXII-09. One Day as an Object Lesson.

XXII-08. The Lost Revolutions of Bernie Sanders.

XXII-07. The Plague Column.

XXII-06. The Festival of Light-at-the-end-of-the Tunnel.

XXII-05. Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution.

XXII-04. Freudian Marxism. An Introduction.

XXII-03. Allons-z-enfants!

XXII-02. A MEMOIR OF MAY for the next revolution.

XXII-01. On to la morgue.


XXI-50. Weakness through Joy.

XXI-49. Night of the Living Dems.

XXI-48. Miz Linda up in the Big House.

XXI-47. My Life as a Soixante-huitard.

XXI-46. Heart of Europe.

XXI-45. exiguous monumentum.

XXI-44. Little Han[d]s.

XXI-43. Leçon des Ténèbres.

XXI-42. The Consent of the Lectured.

XXI-41. Adler: “Ludwig Anzengruber.”

XXI-40. The Giddiyap Society.

XXI-39. Don't cry for me Documenta.

XXI-38. Blackwash.

XXI-37. Debt in Venice.

XXI-36. Piss de Resistance.

XXI-35. Fun Facts about Science!

XXI-34. Hey! Get off my march!

XXI-33. Fascist Loofah-face 01

XXI-32. No more but e'en a woman.

XXI-31. Paul Pisk: “Can the Worker find an inner Connection with Contemporary Music?”

XXI-30. Robert Musil: “Psychology of the Apprentice”.

XXI-29. From Paris! C'est... Les Pennies!

XXI-28. Blue Meanie Blues #01.

XXI-27. I woke up November 9th and realized I was in an abusive relationship.

XXI-26. Picking up the Pieces.

XXI-25. The Five Pillars of Islamophobia.

XXI-24. This Museum has no Exit.

XXI-23. From Wien! It's... die Pfennigs!

XXI-22. A Frightening Outbreak of Decency.

XXI-21. Postcard from Ljubljana.

XXI-20. Austrians behaving badly.

XXI-19. Technoshoah.

XXI-18. Ent.Fern.

XXI-17. Lifestyles of the Communards.

XXI-16. Goy Toy.

XXI-15. Je suis Chartlie. (English)

XXI-14. Je suis Chartlie. (français)

XXI-13. Rrose Sélavy and I we appreciate the bruises of the indentured workers with their exquisite pain.

XXI-12. MaK attack.

XXI-11. Le youtre que t'as dans l'oeil.

XXI-10. A cuppa' Joe.

XXI-09. Burenwurst.

XXI-08. Goon but not forgotten.

XXI-07. The C*p*t*l*st in the Woodpile.

XXI-06. The Absolut Bourgeois.

XXI-05. Technicians of the Scared.

XXI-04. Exile's reboot.

XXI-03. It was a dark and stormy knockwurst...

XXI-02. Can we all get along?

XXI-01. Smashing Bumpkins


XX-50. Amateur Night.

XX-49. The Universal Museumspider.

XX-48. October is National Museum Admission Fee Bullying Prevention Month!

XX-47. The Seurat and the Shitty.

XX-46. Art is born free, and everywhere we wait in line.

XX-45. What nudes on the Rialto?

XX-44. Brodskied again!

XX-43. Vienna, City of Red Utopias.

XX-42. The Museum of Mean.

XX-41. Masters of Repressionism.

XX-40. The class consciousness of tractors.

XX-39. Walk like a Marxist.

XX-38. The pattern in his shag.

XX-37. Guns don't kill people oh really.

XX-36. Occupy Bernini.

XX-35. Culture and the Crisis.

XX-34. the 1%'s solution.

XX-33. End Jim Corot!

XX-32. Death is the Great Commie.

XX-31. Hunk Science.

XX-30. What Would Dali Do?

XX-29. Franz Schubert hates Republicans.

XX-28. Cafeteria Capitalist.

XX-27. Never trust the teller...

XX-26. You're a genius! Enroll now!

XX-25. a couple privileged kids...

XX-24. The Big Kiss-Off.

XX-23. Squeakeasy.

XX-22. Le doute de Fu Baoshi.

XX-21. Photobolshewismus.

XX-20. The last time I saw George Whitman.

XX-19. Pepper-spray poetics.

XX-18. You say mic check...

XX-17. Please dump this book.

XX-16. This is your brain on art.

XX-15. See you at Sotheby's.

XX-14. Pre-occupy Museums.

XX-13. Yakov's Yom Kippur meatballs.

XX-12. The Inheritors.

XX-11. Demand-Side Economics.

XX-10. Typographical scoundrels.

XX-09. Irene Haiku

XX-08. Ruthless cosmopolitan.

XX-07. A Message to Wall Street.

XX-05/06. Horrors of the Wack Museum.

XX-04. The Culture Candidate.

XX-01-03. Drama Kings.


XIX-50. Driving Miss Crazy.

XIX-49. The price of bread.

XIX-48. A "Dear John" letter.

XIX-47. [Shiver]: Lord of the Dance.

XIX-46. The blasphemer bides his time.

XIX-45. Leo Steinberg has died.

XIX-44. The shakes of Araby.

XIX-43. Wham, Bam, Thank you MAM.

XIX-42. Breaking the dependency.

XIX-41. News from Tunisia...

XIX-40. The Worker Brotherhood.

XIX-39. Eat Prey Culture.

XIX-38. Socialism or Teabaggery.

XIX-37. Happy Baudin's Day to you!

XIX-36. Le Strike.

XIX-35. Robespierre/Cassandra.

XIX-34. Red Vienna, 1919-1934.

XIX-33. From Vienna,'s THE PENNIES!

XIX-32. You can’t dance with one tuchas at two weddings.

XIX-31. Useful Idiots.

XIX-30. The Iranians Ye Have Always With You.

XIX-29. The Good, the Bad and the Hungry.

XIX-28. Oh, yeah. Nice.

XIX-27. Jobs for Art Folk.

XIX-26. The First. Book. Ever.

XIX-24/25. Our Other History.

XIX-23. The Old Van Gogh.

XIX-22. News from the Front.

XIX-21. Fritos and Democracy.

XIX-19. One down, three to go.

XIX-18. You call him a socialist like it's a bad thing!

XIX-17. It's Morning in America...

XIX-16. Back to Fool.

XIX-15. You don't want to go there.

XIX-14. An Enema of the People.

XIX-13. Builders of Ruin.

XIX-12. Waving the Bloody Shirt.

XIX-11. Officer, book this art critic!

XIX-10. Robert Rauschenberg.

XIX-09. The Tonto Scenario.

XIX-08. Mayday comes to Paris.

XIX-07. Waning of the Middlebrows.

XIX-06. Renidet usquequaque...

XIX-05. The Passover Plot.

XIX-04. Elitist like me.

XIX-03. Stupid White Progressives.

XIX-02. The Fox Knows Many Things...

XIX-01. Last Tango at the Philharmonic.


XVIII-50. Sadness in Sarkozie.

XVIII-48/49. Le Salon de 2008.

XVIII-44/47. Bonjour Camarade Courbet!

XVIII-46. Down these Mean LACMAs...

XVIII-45. La Leçon de francais.

XVIII-43. The Croaker King of Kroky...

XVIII-42. Bo-ring.

XVIII-41. Slouching toward Washington.

XVIII-40. Bullies in a China Shop.

XVIII-39. Ward Heelers Anonymous.

XVIII-38. Moonbats for Obama.

XVIII-37. Self-hating Critic.

XVIII-36. L'Affaire Starkosky.

XVIII-35. Museums and the preservation...

XVIII-34. Hissyfits.

XVIII-33. It’s the overvaluation, stupid.

XVIII-32. What's the difference...?

XVIII-31. Feel the pain with John McCain.

XVIII-30. Free-Market Moron walks into...

XVIII-29. Headband-Ripper.

XVIII-27/28. The MoMA Trap.

XVIII-26. Ooh la-la.

XVIII-25. Guantanamo on the Seine.

XVIII-24. And yet more Free Market...

XVIII-23. Like flies to poop...

XVIII-22. NY Times makes it official...

XVIII-20/21. A scram-bag for your brain.

XVIII-19. & yet another Free Market...

XVIII-16/18. Smart Art.

XVIII-17. The Parzifal Inheritance.

XVIII-15. "Why did the Free Market..."

XVIII-14. M. Nicolini.

XVIII-13. The Marxchurian Candidate.

XVIII-12. A damned, good writer.

XVIII-11. A bug on the windshield...

XVIII-10. La Leçon de français.

XVIII-09. U.A.E.

XVIII-08. Carping Tunnel Vision.

XVIII-07. Act class.

XVIII-06. Omega Manet.

XVIII-05. From New York...It’s...

XVIII-04. Wooden Tongue.

XVIII-03.Politic identities.

XVIII-02. Mercenaries of Culture.

XVIII-01. The Aging of Rembrandt.


XVII-50. PLANET MARX [VIII]. The Death of Little Boris.

XVII-49. PLANET MARX [VII]. Drowning the fish.

XVII-48. MUSEUMWATCH. Met to New Yorkers: Kiss my Astor!

XVII-47. The Bilbao Song.

XVII-46. Jews who love themselves too much and the warmongers who love them.

XVII-45. War or the Words.

XVII-44. Make the road by writing

XVII-43. PLANET MARX [VI]: Capitalism: Free Samples!

XVII-42. PLANET MARX [V]: All that is solid hangs around drinking beer and watching TV.

XVII-41. United Arab Workers.

XVII-40. Ass warfare.

XVII-39. Happy Work Day!

XVII-38. The dogs Bai. The caravan passes.

XVII-37. OUR FRIEND THE BUS. Sex and the 6:00 a.m. to Patzcuaro

XVII-36. A shark in formaldehyde.

XVII-35. De la muséocratie en Amérique.

XVII-34. PLANET MARX [IV]. Who you gonna call? Geistbusters!

XVII-33. Comment dit-on "kvelled out" en 'Strine?

XVII-32. Hurricane makes landfall. Speculators make windfall.

XVII-31. Exquisite Kops.

XVII-30. PLANET MARX [III]. Dialectic Harder.

XVII-29. PLANET MARX [II]. Dialectic Hard.

XVII-28. Museumwatch. De Docta Ignorantia.

XVII-27. Museumwatch. In Advance of the Broken Rep.

XVII-26. PLANET MARX [I]. Marx for Dummies.

XVII-23/25. ROFLMAO: Rolling Out the Frankfurt Laughing My Adorno Off!.

XVII-24. Zéro de conduite.

XVII-22. Big Apple Circus.

XVII-21. MUSEUMWATCH: Strategic Thinking.

XVII-20. Stick another museum on the barbie, mate!

XVII-19. Mère des arts, des larmes et des lois

XVII-18. La vie en rouge

XVII-16/17. Machine against the rage [III].

XVII-14/15. Our Friend the Bus.

XVII-13. Brother from another art scene.

XVII-12. How to increase union membership.

XVII-11. We few! We heppeh few!

XVII-10. The Old Collegiality Play.

XVII-09. Neither God nor Master nor Goddess nor Mistress nor Transgendered Deity nor...

XVII-08. Ms. Munson gets religion.

XVII-07. Fright to Canada.

XVII-03/06. Machine against the rage [I&II].

XVII-05. The New Yorker: Fox News for France.

XVII-04. Happy Mother's Day, Ségolène!

XVII-02. American journalist gets grilled-cheese sandwich: France saved.


WOID XVI-50/XVII-01. Review: Oy! on the Prize


XV-18. The Marriage of Reason and Squalor.


XIV-50. Temple Immanuel.

XIV-49. Collage days.

XIV-48. Viva La Luxuria!

XVI-47. Free Mona Lisa!

XIV-46. Rage, embedded.

XIV-45. Barnacle Butt.

XIV-44. The Slick Route.

XIV-43. NY Times to French: "Crève!"

XIV-42. The Sorrow and the Piggy.

XIV-41. From Paris, France, it's...The Pennies!

XIV-40. Le Gai Savoir.

XIV-39. The Professor exposes himself.

XIV-38. Review: La Lutte avec l'ange.

XIV-37. Male chauvinist altepinakothekist.

XIV-36. Raciste! Raciste!

XIV-35. Ilan/Abdallah.

XIV-34. What t'is, to be dumb.

XIV-33. The Baudin All-Stars.

XIV-32. The Sopranos.

XIV-31. Rappin' at Hell's gate.

XIV-30. Civilization and its dicks' content.

XIV-30a. Le Droit à la connerie.

XIV-29. The Sexual Life of Savages.

XIV-28. Democracy and Barbarism.

XIV-27. I wasn't Bjorn yesterday.

XIV-26. Love with a mosquito / L'amour avec un moustique.

XIV-25. Rating: Two Stars.

XIV-24. Rules for Jules.

XIV-23. The Sorrow and the Biddy.

XIV-22. Spetseedstvo.

XIV-21. Spreading the Word: the Giddiyap Society.

XIV-20. Happy Huitzilopochtliday!

XIV-19. Narrow Road to the Deep South.

XIV-18. The Faith of Antonello.

XIV-17. New York Rising, and Going Back to Bed / New York se lève, et se recouche aussitôt

XIV-16. TimesWatch: Der Bannerträger.

XIV-15. Tak!

XIV-14. The Suppé Nazi.

XIV-13. A bon chat, sistra.

XIV-12. Réflexions sur la question française.

XIV-11. The Work of Art in the Age of Real Estate Speculation.

XIV-10. Paris, Texas.

XIV-09. Cliché-sous-Bois

XIV-08. Goody Two-tone.

XIV-07. Lettre ouverte à Nicolas Sarkozy.

XIV-06. Making France and Influencing People.

XIV-05. Mouldie Fygges.

XIV-04. The Ghouling Class.

XIV-03. Shameless Hussites.

XIV-02. Destroying Art.

XIV-01. Au lecteur.






X-34. Lunar Asparagus.

X-31. The Saneman in the Attic.








IV-04. Rosler re-ducks.






00-1. Envoi.