Many days ago a traveling organizer checked into his hotel room in a red-state town. The organizer traveled often, and frequently found himself without other entertainment than Fox and CNN. By chance a fellow-traveler had left a slim volume in his bedside table drawer. Opening it casually, the organizer's eyes fell on the following sentence:

The history of all human society, past and present, has been the history of the class struggle.

In a flash our traveler's life mission appeared to him: he would devote himself to spreading the word of Marx, leaving copies of his work and others’ in hotel rooms everywhere, wherever lonely, progressive travelers like himself yearned for knowledge and solace.

Since those early days the Giddiyap Society has grown into an organization of selfless volunteers, traveling far and wide, taking the Good Word to hotels, motels and B&Bs throughout the world. The Society's work is voluntary, a labor of love and support for the ignorant and the oppressed. Won't you join and help us? Thank you.


Hoipolloi Cassidy

Executive Director, The Giddiyap Society