When the Nazis began their bookburnings the German writer Lion Feuchtwanger was furious: because he was so popular with the public the Nazis had decided to spare his books. To Feuchtwanger this was the ultimate humiliation: what had he done to not deserve their hatred?

I am a lot more fortunate than Feuchtwanger: for one thing, one of my books was among those tossed into the dumpster at Zuccotti Park a few days ago. Tomorrow, November 17, I'll be marching to Wall Street with two copies. If those are dumped I'll bring more.

And I invite my fellow-writers and readers to bring their own favorite books to tomorrow's march. The book is mightier than the truncheon and the pepper-spray. In the long run, anyhow.

Paul Werner, PhD, DSFS.

Author, Museum Inc., Inside the Global Art World; The Red Museum. Art, Economics and the Ends of Capital. Editor, WOID: a journal of visual language.