Editors: Hoipolloi Cassidy & Trotsky the Horse


WOID XXIII-10a. Schools and Scandals [I]

XXII-48. Slave-Born Muscovite.

XXII-45. Outline for a socialist culture.

XXII-44. Violence doesn't come from the Violence Fairy.

XXII-43. Characters count.

    XXII-38. White Man's Buren.

XXII-36. Genius of Revolution.

XXII-35. The Thomas Crow Affair.

     XXII-31. Free Market with a Human Face.

XXII-30. The Woke's on You.

    XXII-26. Cynical Lackeys R' Us.

XXII-25. Ms. Felicia and Mme Marthe.


XXII-22. Or, The Stone Guest.

XXII-21 Exquisite Corpse.

XXII-20. Jacques Louis David. Radical Nudes.

     XXII-18. Déjà Jew all over again.

XXII-17. The world re-enchanted. / O mundo reencantado.

XXII-15. Stanley Aronowitz (1933-2021).

XXII-14. Käthe Leichter. La conscience et la raison.

XXII-13. The Ghosts of Red Vienna.

XXII-10. The Best Defense (Käthe Leichter).

XXII-09. One Day as an Object Lesson.

XXII-08. The Lost Revolutions of Bernie Sanders.

XXII-07. The Plague Column.

XXII-04. Freudian Marxism. An Introduction.

XXII-02. A MEMOIR OF MAY for the next revolution.

XXII-01.On to la morgue.

XXI-50. Weakness through Joy.

XXI-49. Night of the Living Dems.

XXI-48. Miz Linda up in the Big House.

XXI-47. My Life as a Soixante-huitard.

XXI-46. Heart of Europe.

XXI-42. The Consent of the Lectured.

XXI-41. Adler: “Ludwig Anzengruber.”

XXI-38. Blackwash.

XXI-37. Debt in Venice.

XXI-34. Hey! Get off my march!

XXI-29. From Paris! C'est... Les Pennies!

XXI-26. Picking up the Pieces.

XXI-24. This Museum has no Exit.

XXI-17. Lifestyles of the Communards.

XXI-12. MaK attack.

XXI-10. A cuppa' Joe.

XXI-09. Burenwurst.

XXI-08. Goon but not forgotten.

XXI-07. The C*p*t*l*st in the Woodpile.

XXI-02. Can we all get along?

XXI-01. Smashing Bumpkins.


XX-47. The Seurat and the Shitty.

XX-46. Art is born free, and everywhere we wait in line.

XX-44. Brodskied again!

XX-43. Vienna, City of Red Utopias.

XX-42. The Museum of Mean.

XX-40. The class consciousness of tractors.

XX-39. Walk like a Marxist.

XX-34. the 1%'s solution.

XX-32. Death is the Great Commie.

XX-28. Cafeteria Capitalist.

XX-27. Never trust the teller...

XX-25. a couple privileged kids...

XX-21. Photobolshewismus.

XX-19. Pepper-spray poetics.

XX-18. You say mic check...

XX-14. Pre-occupy Museums.

XX-12. The Inheritors.

XX-11. Demand-Side Economics.

XX-07. A Message to Wall Street.

XX-04. The Culture Candidate.

XX-01-03. Drama Kings.


XIX-46. The blasphemer bides his time.

XIX-42. Breaking the dependency.

XIX-38. Socialism or Teabaggery.

XIX-37. Happy Baudin's Day to you!

XIX-36. Le Strike.

XIX-31. Useful Idiots.

XIX-18. You call him a socialist like it's a bad thing!

XIX-03. Stupid White Progressives.

XIX-01. The Fox Knows Many Things...


XVIII-42. Bo-ring.

XVIII-38. Moonbats for Obama.

XVIII-24. And yet more Free Market...

XVIII-22. NY Times makes it official...

XVIII-20/21. A scram-bag for your brain.

XVIII-19. & yet another Free Market...

XVIII-15. "Why did the Free Market..."

XVIII-13. The Marxchurian Candidate.

XVIII-11.Planet Marx [XI]: A bug on the windshield of History.

XVIII-07. Act class.

XVIII-05. From New York...It’s...

XVIII-04. Wooden Tongue.

XVIII-03. Politic identities.

XVII-50. PLANET MARX [VIII]. The Death of Little Boris.

XVII-49. PLANET MARX [VII]. Drowning the fish.

XVII-43. PLANET MARX [VI]: Capitalism: Free Samples!

XVII-42. PLANET MARX [V]: All that is solid hangs around drinking beer and watching TV.

XVII-39. Happy Work Day!

XVII-38. The dogs Bai. The caravan passes.

XVII-34. PLANET MARX [IV]. Who you gonna call? Geistbusters!

XVII-30. PLANET MARX [III]. Dialectic Harder.

XVII-29. PLANET MARX [II]. Dialectic Hard.

XVII-26. PLANET MARX [I]. Marx for Dummies.

XVII-23/25. ROFLMAO: Rolling Out the Frankfurt Laughing My Adorno Off!.

XVII-16/17. Machine against the rage [III].

XVII-03/06. Machine against the rage [I&II].

WOID XVI-50/XVII-01. Review: Oy! on the Prize

XIV-22. Spetseedstvo.