A portal for writings of Red Vienna (1919-1934), in English translation and in the original German, with introductions and supportive data and resources. Editor: Paul Werner

Victor Adler:

Ludwig Anzengruber [English].

Ludwig Anzengruber

Paul Federn:

Commentary: The Marxist Freudians. An Introduction

The Fatherless Society

Die Vaterlose Gesellschaft

Robert Musil:

Psychology of the Apprentice

Psychologie des Lehrlings

Käthe Leichter:

The Best Defense

Die beste Abwehr

Paul Pisk:

Can the Worker find an inner connection with Contemporary Music?

Kann der Arbeiter ein inneres Verhältnis zur zeitgenössischen Musik finden?



















"[Red Vienna was] not so much a theory as a way of life... pervaded by a sense of hope that has no parallel in the 20th century." Marie Jahoda.

"One of the most spectacular cultural triumphs of Western History." Karl Polanyi.