I'm not in the business of making money, I'm in the business of making and thinking about art: every book I circulate in .pdf brings me more in reputation, in invitations to lecture and in reciprocal acts of kindness than it could possibly cost me. Feel free to pay whatever you want for those books of mine that are available as .pdfs: Museum, Inc., The Red Museum, Jump Jim Corot, Vellum Preparation, La Préparation du Parchemin. (Ya-Trang and the Magic Pearl is available in paper only.)

If you're a librarian or a journalist and you intend to use any of my books for personal or institutional advantage I suggest you refer to the price-list below for paper copies. Prices are suggested only; but as the books are laser-printed and hand-bound I need to compensate for labor and materials.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated by free-market ideologies.


suggested prices for books (paper copies):


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